HA (Water) !!!

The Yurata is about to finísh the water projects.

Thanks to the support and consciousness of the friends of the Yurata, who through Warehouse 21, raised the funds to supply potable water to the Yurata.

The project was divided in four stages.

1.- Extention of the Yurata into a larger area of land, where they could plant crops, build a school and an artesian well to provide water to the Yurata.

2.- Secure clean, intall pipes and storage for the spring near the Yurata.

3.- Pump station and pipe system to transport the water through the land of the Yurata to the main area where the Kalihueys, housing and kitchen are located.

4.- Construction of the artesian well to ensure potable water for human and animal consumption.

We are finishing the fourth phase sooner than we anticipated; we had predicted for economic reasons that we would finísh phase 3 in October or November of this year.

Thanks to the effort and work of everyone and in particular of those who raised and contributed funds for our projects; it is possible for us to have water and reinforce other projects (garden produce, a medical clinic, planting, nutrition).

Now we are beginning with the school for 15 girls or children, in a multi-grade format, with a system of traveling schools.

We hope soon to be able to have a bilingual Wixarika-Spanish teacher.

We also would like to thank those that helped us with the December raffle, because with what you raised, we are going to build the school.

People who would like to support us with school materials, resources, building materials, please send us an e-mail at enlace@yurata.org so that we can inform you the best way to send your assistance.

People who are interested in supporting our clinic for natural and traditional medicine, please also get in touch with us so that we can make arrangements.

We know that we have a lot of work to do, but we also know that we are moving ahead quietly, slowly, but surely.

Thank you to everyone for your support and for helping grow bigger the little root that we are.

suerte y animo